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About unsecured Bank guarantee appearing

In case of a Bank branch audit, it reflects 4 Bank guarantees issued in the year 2013 Agst 100% margin of FDRs. In the year FB accounts became NPA and FDR amount was credited in the CC account of the party. BG became unsecured. Now out of the 4 BGs, 2 have expired and remaining 2 are to expire in sept 2019. The fund based NPA accounts have been transferred to CPC, but BG still appearing in branch. How to deal with the situation and where to report about this? Pls advise.

There is nothing unusual in this situation. BG will remain with the issue branch. BG expired should be reversed if claim period has expired. Just see and check risk weight exposure under BASEL II statement about these guarantees. Nothing to be reported except a passing reference in LFAR in other matters if you want