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To alleviate the limitation mentioned above, we propose a Reading-strategy Inspired Visual Representation Learning (RIVRL) model. We are inspired by the reading strategy of humans, where humans typically preview text with a quick glance to obtain an overview of the text, and then intensively read it with the text overview to gain a deeper understanding. Our hypothesis is that if one model first briefly knows the video overview, it will help the model understand the video more deeply. Therefore, our proposed video representation model consists of two branches: a previewing branch and an intensive-reading branch, as illustrated in Fig 1 (c). The previewing branch is implemented as a lightweight video encoder, which is designed to briefly capture the overview information of videos. By contrast, the intensive-reading branch is implemented as a relatively heavy video encoder, which is designed to obtain more in-depth information. The key point is that the earlier generated representation from the previewing branch is then integrated into the representation learning of the intensive-reading branch.|A hatchling Rapetosaurus as compared to newborn mammals. Babies! They're so cute! And one thing we find so endearing about our own offspring is how different they look from us as adults. But while human babies have different proportions than adults of our species, that's not the case for all animals. Think of baby horses, for instance, on their feet and tottering around within a few hours birth. Though a foals is not exactly a perfect match for an adult, it's pretty darn close. And now new research shows that the largest dinosaurs that ever lived also hatched with similar proportions, shedding life on the different ways dinosaurs evolved to live and socialize. New fossil analysis published today in the journal Science shows that hatchling titanosaurs came out of the egg with proportions very close to what they'd have when full grown. Researchers examined fossils of the titanosaur Rapetosaurus krausei, which was not the largest of the titanosaurs, the largest land animals that we know of, but could still grow to 50 feet (15 meters) in length and weigh about the same as a modern-day elephant. ESP is thought to be a special sense beyond the physical world. So if this man has "the gift," he should be able to tell what the pattern is on that ESP test card on his forehead. Most likely, you've never been abducted by aliens, and you probably don't know anybody who's had a brush with Bigfoot. But undoubtedly, you or somebody close to you has had the apparently paranormal experience of "seeing" the future or distant events.­ Most of us have dreamed something that ­eventually came ­true­, ­­­had a correct ­hunch about an event ­miles ­away ­or predicted an­ out-of-the-blue phone ­­call from an old friend.­­­ The experience is incredibly strange -- positively spooky -- but it happens all the time. ­So what's go­ing on here? Depends on who you ask. A sizable chunk of the world's population attributes these strange events to extrasensory perception (ESP), a special sense beyond vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Unlike ordinary senses, ESP has virtually unlimited range, and it's experienced mainly as thoughts rather than bodily sensations. [url=]vaccine news [/url]

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