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Dear Professional Colleagues & CA Students,

Aren’t at the cross-roads today?? Yes, we are !

We are all may feel the pain of upcoming news about proposed IIA parallel to our ICAI institute. Many calls, msg of members and students and discussion are going on proposed IIA. Is it enough??

The Govt. is head-bound to destroy the Golden Profession and undo the progress we did in past 75 years. Is there any need of IIA??

When our ICAI is serving the nation and overseas countries from last 73 years, though its more than 3.5 lakhs, CA members, having 5 regional council offices, more than 44 overseas chapters, more than 140 helping branches. ICAI is the second largest accounting bodies of world, partner in Nation building and helping our country to reach 5 trillion $ economy milestones, more than 1.40 lakh crores GST collections, 15.50 lakh crores direct tax collection and many more contribution in the interest of our Nation.

There are more than 8 lakhs students who are undergoing the course of ICAI, its very low cost profession where any student may clear CA with self study also and will get 3 year practical training which helps in making perfect to execute the assignment professionally. There is no reservation quota in ICAI curriculum which is the main beauty of this course, every students will get the equal opportunity.


This is very derogatory to use the word “Monopolistic” for our ICAI, which is the sole Accounting Regulatory Body of India. There can never be two Regulators for any profession.Our Institute is the supreme Accounting Body established under the Act passed by the Parliament. As like, Parliament is the Supreme Authority of any Country and we have only one parliament in this Country. Same way, Supreme Court is only Apex court  our Country  thus, its judgement has to be honored by one and all. Now, Likewise, there cannot be two Supreme Accounting Bodies, that can be only one i.e. ICAI.

Now, Instead of strengthening existing Accounting Body (which is actually a Regulatory Authority), Govt is diluting its supremacy and wants to create another Institution in the name of IIA. It takes ages to nurture and develop a good and reputed institution, and we cannot overwrite the existing Institutions and demean their value.

In every profession there is black sheep but that does not mean every profession is bad. Like example in the profession of Doctors, IAS, Advocates, Income Tax Officers, politician, judiciary, etc we used to get the news of some wrong doings, arrest, raid, etc of every profession. That specific culprit must be punished as Law is Equal for everyone in spite of defaming the whole profession or creating parallel body against the any specific professions.

We have to talk about the corrective measures and our ICAI was/is and will be working in the interest of Nation Building always. Let’s not allow ICAI to be degraded in any manner. Yes, there may be scope for improvement, but such matters can always be addressed by discussion with the stake holders.

Respected Seniors, my dear friends and students we have to take this matter very seriously and raise our voice collectively with full force and unity. ICAI is our pride and we are proud to be part of this.

Requesting everyone of our CA profession, its time to be united to boycott IIA & enhance the respect of our ICAI, kindly sign this petition and get it signed from your all CA friends and CA students.

Pls run this campaign collectively with full force, its high time to show our unity.

Warm Regards,


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